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21 again

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October 3, 2017

21 again is a game that fosters the skills of coordination, planning and collaboration.

Material Required




Guidance for facilitator

Set up the activity like a game, to be fun. Do not make it stressful for the players such that they feel that they are being tested.

How to Play?

Play Steps

1The goal of a team is to count numbers from 1 to 21, with the following rules:

  • The team sits in a circle with their backs towards each other, their eyes closed and not touching each other in any way.
  • One number is called out by one player only. If two players say the same number together, then it is a foul. The team has to restart the counting from 1.
  • The counting cannot go in a serial manner around the circle.
  • All the team members have to be involved in counting.

2Conduct the first round without allowing any discussion between the team members.

3In round 2, the same team is allowed to plan. Give 5 minutes for planning.

4The game is complete when the team successfully counts from 1 to 21 without stopping. If required let the team make multiple attempts with planning between attempts.



Discuss / Reflect (At the end of Game)

1What was your team's strategy for playing?

2Why do you think you failed in the initial attempts? Why did you succeed later?

Tips & Variations

1Some of the strategies that teams use are: Players sitting opposite each other say the numbers, divide the numbers equally between the different players, simple roll number based arrangement, etc.

2To make the game more challenging, you can impose additional restrictions. Such as, a player cannot count two consecutive numbers, etc.

3You can have multiple teams play off against each other and time them. The team that counts correctly fastest wins the game.

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