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The Globe Trotter – for beginners


October 5, 2017

The Globe Trotter is an awesome game that helps improve a child's observation skills and increases global knowledge.


Material Required

A medium or large sized globe (or, you could use an Atlas with maps of different regions of the world).


Sheet to keep score

Some blank sheets and pencils to write



Guidance for facilitator

As the facilitator your role is to conduct the activity – put together the material, give instructions, ensure fairness and no cheating, keep score, ask reflection questions and summarise the learning. Any extra tasks will be mentioned in other sections.

The facilitator can participate in the activity as a player.

The facilitator does not have to take on the role of a teacher. Be careful that you don’t start preaching to the players from your own life experiences.

Set up the activity like a game, to be fun. Do not make it stressful for the players such that they feel that they are being tested.

How to Play?

Play Steps

1Decide the order of play – who goes 1st, 2nd and so on.

2Player 1 secretly chooses a place (country / city / island / sea / ocean, etc) on the globe. The other players should not watch.

3Player 1 will give a spin to the globe after choosing the place.

4Next, Player 1 tells the name of the chosen place to the others. Player 1 can write it down if the spelling / pronunciation is complicated.

5The goal is for Player 2 is to find this place correctly on the globe or atlas within the given time limit. The remaining players will watch.

6Set and start the timer for 1 minute.

7If the place is correctly found on the globe in the given time, Player 2 gets 5 points.

8If player 2 is unable to find the given place within time limit, other players get a chance to guess. If no one is able to guess, player 1 gives a hint. For example, “this place is either in Asia or Australia” or “this place is surrounded by water on all sides”, etc.

9Give 3 points to any other player that answers correctly on the pass with / without the hint.

10If no one is still able to locate the place, then player 1 shows the correct location. Turn passes to player 2.

11Next, Player 2 chooses a place for player 3 to find on the globe. And the game continues in the same manner as described above in steps 2 to 10.

12The player with most points wins the game.



Discuss / Reflect


Tips & Variations

1You can arrange for more globes or atlas, so that all players can solve one challenge at the same time and compete with each other. Whoever solves fastest wins the challenge and gets the points.

2If the players are learning about regions of the world, or about continents in the Geography class in school, then you can use those lessons with this game. In addition to identifying the location on the globe, the players will have to tell one significant fact about that place.

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